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Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates, PA

We Care For People, Not Just Feet


Foot and ankle pain can literally stop you in your tracks. You forget how important proper care of your lower extremities can be until the day when unbearable pain prevents you from being able to function in your daily life.

Luckily, the experienced podiatrists at Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates in Gastonia, North Carolina are well trained to treat whatever condition is causing you so much discomfort.

Serving the Gastonia area for 30 years, we are well known and trusted in the community. Our great track record and excellent word-of-mouth referrals stem from the fact that we genuinely care about your foot and ankle issues. We take the time to listen to your concerns, evaluate you properly and thoroughly explain all treatment options. Our goal is to spend quality time with you for as long as needed; you will never be rushed through your appointment.

Here at Gaston Foot & Ankle, the foot and ankle doctors are proud to serve patients from many areas of North Carolina, including Charlotte, Belmont, Mt. Holly, Lincolnton, Mecklenberg County, Gaston County, and Kings Mountain. Our podiatrists welcome patients from parts of South Carolina, including Clover, Lake Wylie, and Rock Hill.

Foot and Ankle Conditions That We Treat

Our Gastonia clinic includes an on-site Wound Healing Center and Heel Pain Center as well as a retail shoe store. That means Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates is the only stop you need to make when you finally decide that it's time to put an end to your foot and ankle troubles. Conditions we treat include:


Gaston Foot & Ankle is your North Carolina podiatry center that considers the whole patient when dealing with skin and nail problems. We have treated thousands of patients successfully for foot skin diseases and toenail conditions including:



The lower legs, feet, and ankles are packed with a complex array of muscles and tendons woven with nerves and blood vessels. The bones and joints provide a supporting infrastructure for the softer tissues. The complicated interplay of multiple body systems in a small volume means serious foot and ankle problems can swiftly compromise the whole foot. Our skilled podiatry team is adept at dealing with the full range of foot and ankle ailments, including:



Many patients come to our Gastonia foot health center after accidents have caused trauma to their lower legs and feet. Our podiatrists and support staff are thoroughly experienced in dealing with such injuries, as well as congenital deformities of the legs and feet and chronic ailments that cause patients long-lasting pain. Among the ailments we treat are:


Foot care problems require specialist treatment

Why go to your general practitioner when you're having foot or ankle issues? Make an appointment with podiatric specialists at Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates: David R. Kirlin, DPM, Ryan Meredith, DPM, and Wagner Santiago, DPM. We do not require a physician’s referral unless your insurance deems it necessary.

There's are reasons we were voted Best Podiatrists in Gaston County by the Gaston Gazette: we listen, we care, and we are experts in foot and ankle conditions.

Contact Our North Carolina Foot Care Clinic

Whether you are suffering from a relatively minor issue like athlete's foot, or a more severe concern like a diabetic foot ulcer, Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates has the experience and facilities to make sure you receive the best care available. Our new Center for Wound Healing also offers more comprehensive wound care for chronic, complex, and complicated wounds.

Contact the foot and ankle care specialists at Gaston Foot & Ankle Associates today at 704-861-0425. You are also invited to order a free copy of our book, The Facts: Heel Pain.



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