Who We Are

Naturally Nails MedSpa is the premier medical grade spa in Gaston County. Owned and supervised by Dr. Dave Kirlin, Dr. Ryan Meredith, Dr. Wagner Santiago and Dr. Randall Contento; Naturally Nails is podiatrist approved. We offer the most sanitary, clean and healthy manicures and pedicures.

What We Do

Our completely healthy nail treatments will care for anyone concerned about their health. Manicures and pedicures with relaxing soaks, scrubs and massages will leave you refreshed and feeling confident and clean. 


How We Do It

Naturally Nails MedSpa uses the most hygienic procedures that will give you peace of mind. All of our instruments are sanitized in an autoclave. Our luxury massage chairs are not plumbed, eliminating any backflow issues, and a fresh liner is used every time for every new client so no harmful bacteria will ever touch your feet. Our licensed nail technicians are Certified Medical Nail Technicians and train with the podiatrists before seeing clients so any medical concern can be properly addressed.  


Why We Do It

So often we have patients come into our office, Gaston Foot & Ankle Specialists, asking where they can have a safe pedicure. Our podiatrists were not able to answer, knowing that nail salons have different grades of sanitation. They decided to give back to the community and create a space that they can guarantee their patients' safety. Thus, the creation of Naturally Nails MedSpa. Come experience peace of mind with our healthy manicures and pedicures. 

Naturally Nails Medspa

Welcome to Naturally Nails MedSpa, the premier medical grade spa in Gaston County. Our licensed medical nail technicians have trained under the podiatrists of Gaston Foot & Ankle Specialists to give you the highest quality of care you can find for your feet and hands. 

The Difference:

At Naturally Nails MedSpa all of our instruments are sterilized with an autoclave. This ensures all bacterial and fungal spores are eliminated. Unlike many other salons, we do not have jet plumbing in our foot baths which could lead to waterborne diseases, infections, and fungus. Instead, following each use our foot baths are thoroughly disinfected, a new liner is applied and fresh water is added.

Our nail technicians are medically certified and have experience in high risk and diabetic clients. Feel at ease knowing each service we offer is completely safe.

Spa Packages 

Deluxe Dry


In this service you will have your nails trimmed, shaped, buffed and polished.


For our high risk or on-the-go clients who need a quick trim and file. This pedicure is best suited for clients who would rather not or cannot soak in the foot bath. If you have concerns about circulation, fungus, injury, water-borne bacteria or neuropathy, this pedicure is for you. Comparable to the routine foot care provided by the doctors with added polish.

Manicure: $25.00
Pedicure: $40.00
Combo:   $60.00

Quick and Clean

Your basic manicure and pedicure choice. Includes soaking in warm water, trimming, shaping, callus buffing, lotion and polish.
Add an ala carte item to make it your very own.
Manicure: $25.00
Pedicure: $50.00
Combo: $70.00

Ala Carte

Polish Only: $15.00
Gel Polish Only: $35.00
Paraffin: $10.00
Extended Massage: $1.00 per minute
For Easy Cleansing and Deodorizing of Footwear Try Our Klenz Machine:
$10.00/3 pairs of shoes or 1 pair of boots

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