Do I need custom orthotics for my heel pain?

Patients who have had heel pain for more than three consecutive months or who have had heel pain on more than one occasion are potential candidates for a custom made orthotic device, especially patients with a significantly high or low arch.

Over the counter and over the internet temporary orthotics can be useful but they are not contoured to your foot. Furthermore, they do not last like a custom orthotic. A custom orthotic is like eye glasses for your feet. The custom orthotic contains a specific prescription for your specific foot or ankle problem. Custom orthotics tend to last for 10 years or longer and need to be used even when your heel pain is resolved to maintain proper alignment and position of your feet, knee, hip, and back as well. A properly aligned foot and ankle will function more efficiently and with less episodes of pain. If you need glasses on a regular basis would you rely on a reader over the counter model? Or would you prefer to get a customized prescription pair of glasses that is designed to make your eyes function 20:20!! If you have had some benefit with a temporary orthotic but not resolution of your heel pain then a custom orthotic is very likely what you need to resolve your heel pain.

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