Why do my feet hurt all the time?

Foot pain is common in our society.

People are working longer hours, on harder surfaces. This combined with weight gain has lead to  more foot and ankle pain. Your  feet should not hurt all the time or even on  a regular basis. As a foot and ankle specialist we are able to properly evaluate the structure and function of your feet so that we can identify the cause of your pain. We have many options and solutions. Your best bet is to come in for a complete foot and ankle exam so we can find out what your particular problem is which allows us to customize a treatment plan to resolve your pain!!

Are you a diabetic? Have you had your feet checked? If not you could be at risk for ulcerations and amputation of your toes, feet, and legs. Diabetes is the leading cause of non traumatic amputations 25% of the diabetic population will get a ulceration. From the ulceration amputation occurs 50% of the time. Once a diabetic undergoes an amputation 1/3 of those patients die within one year from the time of the amputation. In five years 50% of the patients have died. The road to these situations is expensive, exhausting, and involves many doctor and hospital visits. By coming in to see a foot and ankle specialist you can have your risk for these problems assessed. We can then develop a preventive plan to limit your risk  of ulceration  with proper care and foot ware. A diabetic foot exam could be a matter of life and death not to mention the suffering a diabetic goes through during a diabetic foot crisis of infection and ulceration

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