Gaston Foot and Ankle Weight loss challenge

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“Being healthy starts at home.”

How often we have heard that phrase? Often enough to know that we should be stocking our refrigerators filled with kale and lean meats. But what about at work? We munch at desks, take quick stops in the break room, we speed out at lunch time to grab the fastest of foods. What if being healthy starts at work?
At Gaston Foot & Ankle Specialists we have started to do just that. We have started a weight loss challenge to become healthier. So don’t worry patients, if you see us slowly shrinking, you’ll know why. We believe that health is very important and we want our patients as well as our team to be the healthiest as possible. 

Coming together as a team and working on a weight loss challenge as an office has its advantages:

1. You are constantly around people that are in your same boat. Encouraging each other throughout the day to be healthier.
2. You swap recipes and work out techniques.
3. When you get HANGRY (hungry + angry) – your colleagues know why.
4. Support. Support. Support. Even when things aren’t going your way and you haven’t lost the weight yet, you have a whole support group that understand and can help pull you through.
5. If you are motivated by competition, then you have other competitors. If you are motivated by goals, you’re with other people with similar goals.

We believe in wellness through mobility and working to become healthier. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your health is not going to magically improve overnight. It takes hard work and dedication but you should be dedicated to your health – because we are too.

Come support us at Gaston Foot & Ankle Specialists as we take on this weight loss challenge! While you’re here come have your feet checked out by the best podiatrists in Gaston County! 

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