Pregnancy and Your Feet

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Oh, the joys of pregnancy! By now, you realize that the changes in your body during pregnancy are exciting and different. At your first prenatal visit, your OBGYN will most likely give you a plethora of pamphlets and information about what to expect for the next nine months, but here is information solely about your feet from your favorite podiatrists at Gaston Foot & Ankle.

Are your feet and ankles looking huge and throbbing? In the podiatry world, that is called an edema. This often happens during the third trimester. Well that’s from the increase extra fluid in your body and position of the baby. Make sure to kick those feet up whenever you can and to stretch often. Don’t try to be the step sister from Cinderella and cram your foot into your pre-pregnancy shoes. Squishing your feet into small shoes will not make them any smaller, just look for a larger shoe. 

Speaking of shoes, shoes are very important while you are pregnant. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, not only do you deserve them, you’ll need them. Did you know that your feet can grow up to half a size and stay that way? It is likely that your feet will get wider and longer due to the additional hormones, so it is imperative to try on the shoes before you purchase them. Look for a shoe with a wide toe box (the front of the shoe) because crunching up those toes can lead to ingrown toenails and many other issues. If you do have an ingrown toenail, do not cut it out yourself. This can make the situation a lot worse and can lead to infection. Contact us to see one of our Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons to remove the ingrown toenail. 

Support your feet because they support both of you! During pregnancy, your body creates a hormone called relaxin, which is to help the body prepare for delivering your little one. But did you know that the hormone will also relax other joints in your body? Without proper supportive shoes, you are likely to sprain or strain the ligaments in your feet. Beware of ballet flats, flip flops, slippers and any other shoe that does not have support for your arches. Ask one of our podiatrists at Gaston Foot & Ankle about custom molded orthotics or medical grade inserts for your shoes. 

You should enjoy your pregnancy and take time out for yourself and get pampered! Maybe a spa day? Be mindful of the spa you go to. Many spas use harsh chemicals and do not have the proper ventilation that could harm not just you, but your baby! Naturally Nails MedSpa, located right in the Gaston Foot & Ankle office is the best choice for you and your baby. We offer nail polish that is completely safe and not loaded with chemicals. Our licensed nail technicians will make sure to take care of you and give you a safe foot massage while you are getting the safest and cleanest pedicure in all of Gaston County. Contact us today to make an appointment. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy, all of us at Gaston Foot & Ankle wish you the best and are here if you have any foot or ankle concerns! 

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