Winter Foot Problems

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We've hit polar vortex temperatures in Gaston County. By now, you have probably and hopefully kicked on your heat. That hot air is wonderful and comforting on these cold dark days but are you prepared for Winter? 

Winter wreaks havoc on your feet. Long past are the days of wearing sandals and having your toes out in the open air. Now they are crammed into dark boots, a breeding ground for bacteria ready to do some damage.  Do you have dry skin or cracked heels during the winter? The cracks are called "heel fissures", they are incredibly painful for those who experience it. But prevention is the easiest way to keep your feet healthy this winter. 

Make sure you keep your feet dry. Winter is ideal time for your feet to be out in the elements. Being wet from all this rain or sweating through your morning socks because the temperature jumps up to 60 degrees does not keep your feet dry. Bring a spare pair of socks with you. By keeping your feet dry, it will prevent them from cracking. This will also prevent athlete’s foot as well as fungal toenails (blech!).

Keeping your feet dry is one thing. But keeping them properly moisturized is another. Hydrate your feet after a shower.  Thoroughly dry your feet after the shower and then apply a good quality moisturizer like Idonia Cream (you can find this at our office) and wearing clean socks will keep them from drying out. 

If your winter boots do not fit, the heel counter (the back of the shoe) may be flimsy and not support your heel. Consider investing in a good pair of boots that will keep them dry.  Remember though, the warm socks and the waterproof boots will keep your feet nice and toasty, but can also lead to sweaty feet (which can make your feet even colder!) 
For those who have diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, make sure you are taking care of your feet. If you do have any cracking or cuts in your feet, give us a call today to be seen by one of our podiatrists. 

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