Supportive Shoes Can Make an Outing More Fun

By: Dr. Kirlin  |

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So as I sit here in the Magic Kingdom, waiting for friends to get off the Barnstormer ride with their daughter, I’m watching the variety of shoes people are wearing here at Disney today. It seems we’ve got a lot of folks that are unprepared for a long day on their feet. I see everything from flip-flops, sandals, to walking shoes as well as running shoes. I think those folks with the flip-flops will be sorely disappointed as the day progresses. You know, long days on your feet always go better if you’re wearing good supportive shoes.

As most of the walking surfaces at Disney, or other theme parks, are made of concrete and asphalt, the feet tend to take quite a lot of shock as the surface does not give at all. If your shoes have good shock absorbing soles, the chances of a happy day will be much improved. Walking or running shoes will usually be your best bet! If it’s a hot day, wear those types that have a combination of leather and nylon mesh which will breathe keeping your feet cooler. On the colder days, all leather shoes will keep your feet warmer and better protected from the elements. If you want more information concerning how to pick a good supportive shoe, see my video and click here to schedule an appointment with your Gaston Foot & Ankle Specialists today.

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